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Tippecanoe School Corporation
Locker Clean Out Dates for BGM
Melissa Eddy

The Tippecanoe School Corporation has developed a plan that allows students to collect their personal belongings from school and to return any school-owned property or equipment such as books, devices, and band instruments. Strict health and safety precautions will be in place and it is important these health guidelines are followed.

Important Guidelines:

  • Students who are sick, isolated, or quarantined are not permitted to enter the schools. If your child(ren) is sick, isolated, or quarantined, please contact the building principal and alternate plans for dropping-off/picking-up items will be arranged.

  • It is recommended that anyone entering the building, including staff, wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose. If a medical-type mask is unavailable, a bandana or scarf is acceptable.

  • It is recommended that anyone entering the building, including staff, bring their own hand sanitizer. The school’s supply is very limited.
    Students should bring a bag or backpack to carry their personal belongings home. Trash cans are available in the hallways for disposable items.

  • Maintain proper social distancing while moving throughout the building. Personal interactions will be limited. The student should retrieve their items, return school property and equipment, and quickly exit the building.

  • Only students are allowed to enter the building. In order to properly limit the number of people inside the school at one time, please follow the schedule listed below.

  • If a student needs assistance, staff members will be available inside the school to assist. If your child(ren) has any special circumstances please contact your building principal. 

  • Staff supervision will be provided to assure compliance with these guidelines and to encourage expediency. 

  • Medication and medical supplies will be available for pickup based on the schedule below. Upon arrival, please contact the school nurse at (765) 269-8153.  Medications will be pre-counted and verified by health office staff and/or school administration. Medications can only be released to a parent/guardian.  Any medications remaining at school will be disposed of properly. 

The scheduled date and time for your student to enter the school is based on their homerooms. Please note that each grade level is assigned a door in which they enter and exit. Thank you for your cooperation.  Please use the link below and read carefully so that you are aware of the date and time for your child! 

The schedule for locker access is available by clicking on this link.