Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bus drivers prepare for new school year
Sue Scott

The school bus is often a student’s first contact with the school in the morning and the last point of contact in the afternoon. That’s why the TSC Transportation Department is providing additional driver training that covers additional safety protocols to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to the annual review of policies and procedures, TSC Head Nurse Krystal Zahn provided a session about Coronavirus and Custodial Supervisor Matt Schultz reviewed disinfection procedures. 

Becky Rottler is a veteran driver who has multiple routes to Burnett Creek and Harrison High School. “In addition to disinfecting my bus multiple times a day, every surface will be misted again when I park the bus at the end of the day,” says Rottler. “This disinfectant is the same one used in hospitals, does not have a strong chemical scent, will kill germs in three minutes and students will not be loaded before it has dried completely. The bus will have a minimum of four windows half way down to help with fresh air movement throughout the day. Roof vents can also be used in inclement weather. At the end of the week, all drivers are required to release a disinfectant fogger that will give a fresh germ free start for the following week.”

Drivers will also assign seats for each student, keep as much distance as possible between students and remind students to wear a mask while on the bus.

Fawn Lewandowski has been driving for TSC for the past eight years. She has enjoyed watching her Klondike Elementary and Battle Ground Middle school students grow and thrive. “I feel like they are my children,” says Lewandowski. “I will do everything possible, going above and beyond, to keep them safe, happy and healthy.”