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AHT Transportation-Important Information
AHT Transportation-Important Information

Good evening Battle Ground Families! We have been working in collaboration with our TSC Transportation Department to come up with a solution to the long bus rides impacting students who stay for AHT. Here is what we have decided:

There will be a total of 8 stops. These stops are center points for multiple student drop-off. If your student will be staying for AHT, please take a moment to look at the drop points and identify with your child where they will get off the bus.

Stop 1 Maples Mobile Park (N 250 @ Martin Dr.)

Stop 2 Pine View Farms (Bowfield Way @ Hunter Road)

Stop 3 Colony Pines (Chenango Pl @ Abnaki Way)

Stop 4 Winding Creek (Gardenia Dr. @ Gardenia Ct)

Stop 5 Prophet's Ridge

Stop 6 Woods Edge Playground

Stop 7 Hawks Nest (E 600 N @ Battleview St @ Battleview Dr.)

Stop 8 Battle Ground Elementary

Please note that you are expected to pick your student up from this location. We cannot have students crossing any main or heavily traveled roads. This would be a safety violation.

As a reminder, Bus Transportation is entirely optional. Parents can still pick up their students at BGM immediately following AHT at 4:00