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Here are details on clubs at Battle Ground Middle School. We've had many clubs over the years that may or may not be available at this time. Interested students are always encouraged to speak with the staff and interest in new clubs is always encouraged.

Cross Country Club

Cross Country Club is an active club at Battle Ground Middle School. We have excellent student participation and a great opportunity for

Cross country team

students to challenge themselves.

Coach: Mrs. Geswein

Contact: 765-426-8087


Planning to run cross country this fall? Our season officially begins August 21st, 2017 See attached letter describing our awesome club! HOWEVER… We are having optional, but strongly recommended, summer runs. These runs will be very easy going. I just want to get them moving and give them a chance to hang out with their teammates. See attached schedule for dates/times/locations.

Be sure you are on my email list!! This is how I communication changes!

Contact: tekoa555@gmail.com

I look forward to another great season!

2017 Cross Country Meet Schedule

Lego League

At this time, we do not have a Lego League sponsor. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Day.


Phone: 765-269-8140

Speech Team

Speech team centers on the art of forensics, also known as public speaking. Speech team is more than that we are a giant family that helps each other grow and support each other to do our best.

The Battle Ground Speech Team is a program designed to give interested students an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills in a creative environment. In speech meets, there are nine different events you can enter for competition.
Sponsor: Mrs. Morrison
Phone: 765-269-8140

Spell Bowl

Spell Bowl is an active club at Battle Ground Middle School. Students who are both excellent spellers and who would like to improve their spelling skills are welcome.
More Information: 765-269-8140

Battle Ground Middle is truly fortunate to have had several contestants in the National Scripps Spelling Bee.

Math Counts

Math Club is already preparing for a great year. See this link for more information about practices and goals for the club.

Math Club Information Flyer

Club Coaches: Ms. Wan (wanp@purdue.edu)

Dr. Qin (tqin@purdue.edu)

Ms. Sheng (sheng2@purdue.edu)

Newspaper Club

The Battleground Newspaper Club meets on Thursday afternoons from 2:30-3:30 p.m. each week to support student writers and students interested in editing. Students compare notes, read one another's work and provide constructive insight into writing.

Sponsor: Melissa Eddy

Student Editor: Sarah Marvin

Where: Room 705

The Toma-Tawk News:

Toma-Tawk News Issue 5 for 2017-18

Toma- Tawk News Issue 3 for 2017-18

Toma-Tawk News Issue 2 for 2017-18

Toma-Tawk News Issue 1 for 2017-18

Recycling Club

Recycling Club is a student run club which ensures recyclable materials are properly prepared for recycling. The club has small membership and handles recycling for the whole building.

Ecology Club

Ecology Club is just beginning this fall under the leadership of Mr. Harris.

Sponsor: Kyle Harris

Contact: kharris@tsc.k12.in.us

Phone: 765-269-8140

Link to Ecology Club Flier