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The Battle Ground Middle School band programs offer standard band, as well as Jazz Band opportunities. All three grades offer band classes and all bands have celebrated awards. Mr. Hopkins, Band Director, is a Golden Apple Award Winning Teacher.

Battle Ground Middle School Band General Information

Concert Attire

Members will be required to purchase a concert shirt as the uniform top. The cost of the shirt is $25.00. They will also be responsible for having a pair of black dress pants (Docker style or better, no jeans) or a skirt, which reaches below the knees. Our students will also be required to have a nice pair of black dress shoes. Absolutely no tennis shoes! If you have a financial difficulty contact me and we will take care of this problem discreetly. We want our students to look as good as they sound.

Private Lessons

Members of the Battle Ground Middle School Band Program are highly encouraged to seek private instruction on their individual instrument. This is truly the best method for rapid development on any instrument. Students wishing to advance to top bands at Harrison High School usually do so because of many years of study beginning in sixth grade. The Chamber Winds (Harrison’s top performing group) requires individuals to be studying privately. Furthermore those who wish to participate in groups like the All-Region Band or desire to take a solo to contest should be studying privately. Private teachers are available at a reasonable cost from many local teachers. Tuition assistance is available through the Children’s Music Foundation for those who have financial need. Please ask for a recommendation. Extra credit is available for students with the only stipulation being that the private instructor sign a note the student returns to me stating that the student has attended 8 lessons during a nine-week grading period.

Calendar of Events

October 4 (Friday) 7:00 pm 7th Grade Klondike/Battle Ground Band Concert/Dance at BGMS(7th Grade only)
October 15 (Tuesday) 6:00 pm 8th Grade TSC North Band Festival at HHS Auditorium (8th Grade Band Only)
November 11 (Monday) 9:00 am Veterans Day Program at BGMS 9am (8th Grade Band Only)
December 10 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm Band Winter Concert (All bands)
February 8 (Saturday) TBA ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest at Harrison High School (All bands)
March 6 or 7 TBA ISSMA State Jazz Contest(Friday or Saturday) (Jazz Bands only) Jazz Students will leave from school early on this Friday
March 13 or 14 or April 3 or 4 TBA ISSMA State Organizational Contest (Friday or Saturday) (8th Grade Band Only)
March 17 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm Band Spring Concert (All bands)
April 17 and 18 Eighth Grade Band Trip
May 19 (Tuesday) 7:00 pm Band Awards Concert (All bands)
Battle Ground Middle School Band Code of Ethics

Within the context of learning our band program offers our students; it is imperative that students recognize that their own personal success hinges largely on their participation in the large group ensemble as well as their own individual work. For this reason, our code of ethics has been written to present the core values, which must be internalized and outwardly demonstrated if the student is to experience the full measure of self-actualization, which can be offered through artistic performance at the early levels. Demonstration of these values will be assessed using the Attitude and Participation Checklist. It is also noted aside from these expectations our students are responsible for abiding by the “Tomahawk Expectations” found in their assignment log.

Core Values


You are to be on time (early) for every rehearsal and performance for the band of which you are a part. Students must arrive early enough to prepare adequately so rehearsals or performances can begin on time.


You are responsible to arrive for each rehearsal or performance with your instrument in good repair, with the correct materials including: music, reeds, oil, mutes, pencil etc., wearing appropriate clothing for performances, and having resolved any schedule conflicts.


You will demonstrate at all times respect for the faculty, instructors, parents, other students and guests of Battle Ground Middle School and the Battle Ground Middle School Band Program. This includes respect for the facilities and equipment that belongs to the department or individuals within the department. Common Courtesy and politeness, friendliness, support of this and other student activities, helpfulness, and positive behaviors are expected. Conflicts should be resolved maturely and privately if possible. Profanity, obscenity, and disrespectful speech or actions will not be tolerated.

Work Ethic

Finding success in a performing art requires hours of diligent work, practicing, repeating, failing, re-evaluation, discussing with teachers and peers, rehearsing and performing. Students in our band will demonstrate persistence toward musical excellence through regular practice of their instrument. This is vital to personal success, and the achievement of the ensemble.


Students are to be responsible members of their ensembles. This includes: being present for all rehearsals and performances, performing their assigned part confidently and to the best of their ability, seeking out the help for any area in which they are deficient.


It is essential that every student actively seek out work that needs to be done to help the entire department. This includes, but is not limited to copying, moving equipment. Setting chairs and stands, clean-up, library work, etc. Ask questions like: “What can I do to help?”

Battle Ground Middle School Band 2016/2017 Assessment Policy

It is our policy that students are graded on their own improvement, and not of a rigid set of standards. This mastery learning approach allows students of all talent and ability levels to be judged fairly and according to their own efforts. As students progress through the various levels of the Band Program, more effort is expected of them.

Your grade in band will be based on several different modes of assessment:

1.Concert Participation is both required and graded.

2.Progress assessments covering basic musical skill and or assigned musical passages will be completed approximately one time per nine-week period (7th and 8th grade).

3.Attitude and participation Checklist will be completed once a year. I will evaluate A & P during each grading period.

4. Equipment check will be completed first week of school, with periodic rechecks. General percussionist needs: One pair Snare drum sticks (5a), one pair of general purpose Tympani Mallets and one pair of medium Hard rubber Xylophone Mallets. (A stick bag is recommended but not required). All other band members need to have an instrument in working order, and necessary peripherals-reeds, mouthpiece, oil etc.

Quarterly Grades will be assessed using the following priorities:

Daily Grade - Participation in class, instrument, music and pencil 33%

Concert performance attendance 33%

Progress Assessments (playing tests & concert assessment) 34%


The Daily Grade will be assessed by earning one point for each of the following:

  1. Having an instrument
  2. Having music
  3. Having a pencil
  4. Participating in the classroom activities

With each 45 day grading period:

Daily Grade will equal 180 points

Four points possible per day times 45 days equals 180 points

Concert Performance Attendance will equal 180 points.

This can be earned by being at the concert only.

Progress Assessments will equal 180 points.

Progress assessments included:

  1. Playing tests
  2. Concert evaluations
  3. Classroom worksheets
  4. Formal and Informal playing tests


Extra Credit Extra Credit is awarded in the following areas:

Jazz Band

Private Lessons – 8 lessons during a nine week period is required to receive extra credit

Solo and Ensemble - For any entries

Outside performance – A one-page report, accompanied with a program from the concert, is required

Outside Concert attendance – A one-page report, accompanied with a program from the concert, is required

Seating Placement in all bands will be based on the fall and winter Progress Assessments, and Attitude and Participation in class. Periodic review and adjustments to seating may be necessary, and will be based on band and class and sectional performances.

Grading Scale that will be used in my class is the same grading scale that has been adopted corporation wide:


A = 100% - 90%

B = 89% - 80%

C = 79% - 70%

D = 69% - 60%

F = 59% and below